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Strike Tiger is a 100% Tasmanian - owned soft plastic fishing lure business, located in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Our lures were developed by a keen Tasmanian recreational angler. He has used both his experience and the experience of other anglers to develop a soft plastics range for Tasmanian conditions.

The Strike Tiger soft plastics range has been specifically designed for use on our lake and river trout.  More recently we have expanded our lure range, making our lures effective on more species.  Tigers are also highly effective on popular saltwater species such as bream, silver trevally, flathead and Australian salmon.  They are also becoming popular with mainland anglers targeting species such as Australian bass and saratoga.

The colour schemes have been designed around what really works. Our curl tail grub tigers have a dynamic swimming action.   The high - quality soft plastic material offers the perfect balance between durability and flawless swimming action.  Combined with the unique Strike Tiger scent, these lures are designed to increase your chances of catching fish.

So whether you are a tournament angler or simply a recreational fisherman, Strike Tiger lures are the right choice for you!


All of our lures are tested in Tasmanian lakes, rivers and estuaries in order to bring you a quality product that will catch fish!

Strike Tiger is a 100% Tasmanian owned

small business

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of the Trout Guides & Lodges

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