1.5" curl tail grub

Strike Tiger 1.5 inch curl tail grub Whitebait Pearl

Strike Tiger 1.5 inch curl tail grubs are slightly smaller and more slender than other brands, and as you know, a little bit of difference is sometimes all it takes to catch the attention of fish that are 'shut down'.  These lures are great 'all-round’ freshwater performers, particularly suited to species such as trout and redfin perch.  They are also a worthy investment for the tournament bream angler who is looking for something a little different.

Strike Tiger bream

Recommended jigheads

  • Strike Tiger 1/32 size #4  (0.88 grams)  Light
  • Strike Tiger 1/16 size #4  (1.7 grams)  Medium
  • Strike Tiger 3/32 size #4  (2.6 grams)  Heavy