1" leech

Strike Tiger 1 inch leech

Leeches can be found in virtually all types of freshwater systems in Australia.  You will find them in farm dams, lakes, rivers, creeks and streams.  And in case you didn't know - yes they do swim underwater. Because leeches are so common in freshwater, they are one of the best food sources for trout.  Many other fish found in these systems will eat them without hesitation too.

The Strike Tiger 1 inch leech is a micro-creature bait that has been designed to imitate this natural food source.  It features a segmented tail section, which ensures that the lure has an enticing swim action.  Combined with our choice of colour and scent, these little guys are sure to get noticed. Try one in your favourite creek or stream, and be prepared for some explosive action!


Recommended jigheads

  • Strike Tiger 1/32 size #6  (0.88 grams)  Light - small hook
  • Strike Tiger 1/32 size #4  (0.88 grams)  Light
  • Strike Tiger 1/16 size #4  (1.7 grams)  Medium