2" bug

 Strike Tiger 2 inch bug lava lime

Is it a Strike Tiger nymph?  The answer is NO!  The Strike Tiger 2 inch bug is the next step up from the highly successful Strike Tiger 1 inch nymph soft plastic.  This creature bait is larger in size than the nymph and features paddle style legs that 'kick' when the lure is twitched.  It has rear tentacles that are studded for maximum water disturbance.  And finally, the looped leg design creates even further attraction.  These lures are great performers on trout, redfin perch, bream and bass.  Try them in environments where frogs, crustaceans or large insects might be found!
Strike Tiger 2 inch bug
  • Strike Tiger 1/16 size #2   (1.7 grams)  Light
  • Strike Tiger 3/32 size #2  (2.6 grams)  Medium
  • Strike Tiger 1/8 size #2  (3.5 grams)  Heavy