How to store Strike Tiger soft plastics

NEVER store Strike Tiger soft plastics with other soft plastics.  Doing so may result in a chemical reaction where colours bleed, the plastic melts, or pro-range colours de-laminate/split.  This includes mixing not only other brands with ours, but also mixing different Strike Tiger colours together.

Soft plastics should never be stored loose or mixed in tackle storage boxes such as in the example below:

Incorrect soft plastic storage

In many cases the plastic compound will react not only with the other loose plastics, but also with the plastic container itself.  Pre-used containers which have stored soft plastics before may be subject to the same chemical reaction.  This is due to residue which you can't physically see. 

There are many great soft plastic tackle storage systems available today.  If you must have one, we recommend buying a 'pouch' style system which keeps everything separate. 

* Strike Tiger soft plastics are supplied in resealable 'snap-lock' bags and are designed to be re-used.  For this reason, we recommend that you store your Strike Tiger soft plastics in the original bags they came in.  Ensure the snap lock is sealed every time to keep the scent in.  If you are placing used plastics back in the same packet - make sure they are dry.  Keep them out of direct sunlight and they should last you many fishing trips.

Below is a simple storage idea for Strike Tiger soft doesn't have to be fancy!

Correct soft plastic storage