Trout frog instructions

Strike Tiger Trout Frog

Step 1.

Thread fishing line through the middle of the frog using the hole provided.  Next, thread the orange attractor bead onto the line butt end.  Tie the supplied hook onto line after the orange attractor bead at the butt end of the frog.

Strike Tiger Trout Frog Instructions 1

Step 2.

Add floatation to the frog by using the white poly balls provided.  Insert the balls into the cavity of the frog by pushing them in from either the butt or front end.  Use a pen, toothpick or similar item to do this.  Stuffing the frog with 6 + poly balls will make it float on the surface.  Stuffing it with fewer balls will make it sink.

Strike Tiger Trout Frog Instructions 2

Step 3.

Pull the line tight from the front end of the frog.  The orange attractor bead will prevent the hook from slipping through.  Your frog is now ready to fish.  Simply cast and let it sit on the water (static) or use very slow twitches to retrieve it.

Strike Tiger Frog Instructions 3

Your assembled frog should float like this with the hook suspended just below the water surface.

Strike Tiger floating frog lure