Yabby Oil


Strike Tiger Yabby Oil is a concentrated fish attractant that has been developed in Tasmania for use on Australian native freshwater species, such as, Murray Cod, Golden Perch, and Australian Bass.  Redfin Perch and Trout don't mind it either!  Different to Strike Tiger Trout Oil - this attractant uses a crustacean scent base with added amino acids. 

It is designed to stimulate fish feeding and can help induce a take when fishing is tough.  It contains no fish or fish products and is non-toxic. 

Since this product is highly concentrated, we recommend that you only use 2 or 3 drops at a time.  As a result, your handy 10 ml bottle of Yabby Oil will last a long time!  To use it, simply squeeze some on your finger tips and apply to your lures just before casting.  

Strike Tiger Yabby Oil can be applied directly to hardbody lures, spoons, cobras, devils, surface lures, soft plastics and even bait.

Always check your local regulations before use.