Winter fishing at Grants Lagoon in Tasmania: Targeting big silver trevally

Winter fishing at Grants Lagoon in Tasmania: Targeting big silver trevally

Posted by Mick on 30th May 2024

Winter on Tasmania's East Coast offers a unique and rewarding fishing experience at Grants Lagoon, especially for those targeting the large silver trevally that populate these waters. While the season may deter some, the dedicated angler will find that winter is the perfect time to catch these powerful fish.

Why Silver Trevally?

Silver trevally are known for their strength and the thrilling fight they put up once hooked on light gear. These fish are not only a joy to catch, but also provide a great challenge that can test your fishing skills and gear. During winter, Grants Lagoon becomes a hot spot for these sizable trevally, making it an ideal destination for anglers looking to reel in a memorable catch.

The Perfect Lure: Strike Tiger 2" Bug Soft Plastic

When it comes to choosing the right lure, the Strike Tiger 2" bug soft plastic is a top choice. This lure excels in mimicking the various crustaceans found in the lagoon, which are a favoured food source for trevally, and also other species, such as bream. Among the available colours, the June Bug variant stands out, having proven particularly successful in winter for attracting and catching the larger trevally. A Strike Tiger 3/32 size #2 jighead is a good match for this soft plastic. I used some black nail polish to finish off the presentation.

Effective Techniques: Wading and Targeting Drop Offs

One of the most effective techniques for fishing Grants Lagoon in winter is wading along the shoreline. By donning a pair of waders, anglers can access prime fishing spots that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Focus on targeting the drop offs, as trevally often patrol these edges in search of food. Casting your Strike Tiger 2" bug soft plastic along these drop offs can yield impressive results.

What Retrieve Should I Use?

The 'Lift & Drop' retrieve works very well for mid to deep sections of water, because the soft plastic is able to travel a considerable distance as it swims to the surface and then naturally flutters to the bottom. This technique is exactly as it sounds. Cast your plastic, let it sink, then lift and drop. Wind slowly as you drop to take up the slack line, and then repeat. It is as simple as that! If you get no interest using this technique, then incorporate some fast and slow twitches into the lift part of the retrieve. The key here is to only move your rod tip an inch or two either way. If you move it any further, your soft plastic may not swim naturally.

Gear Up: Don't Forget the Landing Net

Given the powerful fight that silver trevally are known for, a landing net is an essential piece of equipment. It will help you secure your catch once you’ve reeled it in close, ensuring that the fish doesn’t slip away at the last moment. The fight these fish put up makes every catch a rewarding experience, but having the right gear can make all the difference in successfully landing them.

Enjoy the Serenity: Winter Camping at Grants Lagoon

One of the great advantages of fishing at Grants Lagoon in winter is the tranquility. With fewer people visiting, you'll find more space and serenity, making for a peaceful and focused fishing trip. The lagoon also offers good camping options, allowing you to extend your stay and fully immerse yourself in the winter fishing experience.

Catch & Release: It's your Choice

I put this one back so you can catch it too!


Grants Lagoon on the East Coast of Tasmania is a winter fishing paradise for those targeting big silver trevally. You might even hook into a bream or salmon! Using the Strike Tiger 2" bug soft plastic, can significantly increase your chances of landing these prized fish. With a pair of waders, a reliable landing net, and the right technique of targeting drop offs, you’re set for a successful fishing adventure. Plus, the quiet winter months provide a perfect backdrop for a relaxing and rewarding trip. Happy fishing, and see you at the lagoon!