Winter Redfin Fishing at Lake William Hovell: Robbie Alexander's Early Morning Success

Winter Redfin Fishing at Lake William Hovell: Robbie Alexander's Early Morning Success

Posted by Mick on 4th Jun 2024

On a cold winter morning, before the sun began to rise, Robbie Alexander found himself on the banks of Lake William Hovell in Victoria, ready to target redfin with his favourite soft plastic lure. The air was crisp, his hands were cold, and the lake was calm, perfect conditions for a focused fishing session.

The Perfect Setup

Strike Tiger 3" minnow ORANGE SPAWN

Robbie's lure of choice for this chilly expedition was the Strike Tiger 3" minnow pro-series soft plastic in the 'Orange Spawn' colour. Known for its vibrant and enticing appearance, this lure was rigged on a Strike Tiger GOLD jighead, weighing 1/8 ounce with a size 2 hook. This setup has consistently proven effective in attracting redfin, especially during the colder months.

Technique and Strategy

Robbie's approach was methodical. He began by casting his soft plastic from the bank, targeting the deeper sections of the lake where redfin are known to congregate during winter. If the action was slow, he moved further around the lake, exploring new shorelines. Redfin are notorious for their movement, so staying mobile and adaptive was key.

Once Robbie casts the lure and lets it sink to the bottom, he executes his signature retrieval technique by doing the following:

  1. Picking Up and Jabbing: He lifted the lure off the bottom and gave it three or four quick jabs with his rod tip.
  2. Slow Retrieve: While jabbing, he reeled in the line slowly, ensuring the lure stayed in the strike zone longer.
  3. Line Vibrations: As the line tightened, it imparted additional vibrations to the lure, making it appear more lifelike in the water.

Robbie believed that the smaller redfin often sucked the lure in subtly, making it hard to detect their strikes. Being alert to slight line tightness during the retrieve was crucial to catching these smaller fish.

Early Morning Success

Robbie's persistence and redfin expertise paid off. Within a 20-minute period, just before the sun peeked over the horizon, he managed to catch five redfin. The rapid success in such a short window was a testament to his effective strategy and the lure's appeal.

That's the nature of fishing; sometimes, the fish are biting like crazy for a brief period, and it's all about being in the right place at the right time, with the right technique.

In summary, Robbie Alexander's early morning session at Lake William Hovell highlighted the importance of using effective lures, maintaining a keen awareness of the line's behaviour, and being willing to explore new areas of the lake. His success serves as an inspiration for anglers braving the winter cold in pursuit of redfin.

Tight lines!